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How Do You Get an Occupational Driver's License in Texas?

Once your license has been suspended, you will need to receive a court order from the Texas Department of Public Safety. If the occupational license is granted, you will have to follow specific instructions and restrictions to avoid violations.

The court order will require a petition requesting an occupational license, the petition must include:

  • What days and times you need to drive
  • Where you need to drive
  • Why you need to drive

What Happens if You Don't Adhere to the Restrictions of an Occupational DL?

Typically, an occupational license allows you to drive to and from work, to and from school, and to perform household obligations.

Failing to adhere to the following restrictions can lead to further charges, fines, and time in jail:

  • Follow a specified route, driving on specific roads
  • Only operating your vehicle for specific purposes
  • Driving only a specific number of hours
  • Driving only on set times or days

To learn more about your options and legal rights, contact our Brazoria County occupational license lawyer today online or at (281) 601-4133.

Law Office of Tom & Ann Stickler Occupational License Legal Counsel

There are several reasons why a person can have their driver's license suspended. If you've had your license suspended and have an essential need to drive such as going to work or picking up your children, you may be able to obtain an occupational license. This application process is complex and can be quite confusing without experienced guidance. Fortunately, our Brazoria County occupational license attorney at the Law Office of Tom & Ann Stickler has years of experience helping clients like yourself. We are here to guide you through the application process and represent you at the hearing.

If you cannot drive due to your license being suspended, work with the Law Office of Tom & Ann Stickler to determine if you qualify for an occupational license. Our criminal defense attorneys understand that this is a stressful time for you and want to help you explore every possible resource available to you. Our skilled Brazoria County occupational license attorney can help you navigate all of the steps required, including drafting your petition and being present at your hearing.

To request a free consultation with one of our occupational license lawyers in Brazoria County, call us at (281) 601-4133.

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